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The club “SoloUmbria – Valnerina” is composed of the entrepreneurs who are in love with this land, who for their passion and their convergent vision of the future have decided to get together to value the opportunities, agricultural and food products, hospitality, catering and services.
High ethic values sharing is the basis for relations between the elements of this club in the strategies and projects definition and realization.
Thanks to the co-financing, held by the Umbrian Region across European funds FESR, the start-up period of the projects of “SoloUmbria – Valnerina” has been and would be simplier and ambitious at the same time. Together we are looking forward to construct our small world live up to our dreams.


12 Nov, 2012  -  16847 comments

Preci extends its municipal territory  mainly among the Castoriana Valley, which connects the Forca di Ancarano

Cerreto di Spoleto

12 Nov, 2012  -  16863 comments

If the rural settlements determine the history of Cerreto, its natural scenery is created by the indispensable

Vallo di Nera

12 Nov, 2012  -  16761 comments

Vallo di Nera with its medieval views, romantic churches full of frescoes, all Umbrian simplicity, agricultural


30 Oct, 2012  -  16766 comments

Norcia is situated in a vast plain of the Sibylline Mountains, it is worldwide known for its history apart from the


12 Nov, 2012  -  13260 comments

The origins are lost in the legend, linked to the possible Roman origins and connected to a supposed garrison of


30 Oct, 2012  -  15675 comments

The town of Cascia immersed in the greenery is worldwide famous due to the birth of Santa Rita. Thousands years of

Monteleone di Spoleto

11 Nov, 2012  -  16850 comments

Different countries with their different cultures and Monteleone di Spoleto has so much of it that can start


30 Oct, 2012  -  17447 comments

In the Green Heart of Italy there is a village with about 500 habitants that was born up close to the River Nera,